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{FIC} Vivid- Chapter 5

Title: Vivid
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Tsuzuki and Hisoka
Comments: Rated T
Status: In Progress. Chapter 5

Aggravated that Tsuzuki was acting like such a baby, but secretly worried that he may have gone overboard in his reaction, Hisoka stepped toward him and raised his hands to pull Tsuzuki's away. "Stop whining. Here, let me see." At Hisoka's touch, Tsuzuki lowered his hands allowing Hisoka to examine his features.

Now that Tsuzuki's face was free from obstruction, Hisoka could see that everything about Tsuzuki's face seemed normal, except for the heavy bruising around his partner's nose. The color was dark enough to rival Tsuzuki's eyes.

Luckily though, Tsuzuki's healing abilities kicked in instantly. The flesh repaired itself and the surrounding redness and purple hue of skin quickly turned back to the light tanned complexion he had associated to be his partner's. But even though the skin appeared normal, Hisoka knew that Tsuzuki might feel sore for a few hours. Just because the wound was healed, didn't mean that he couldn't still be hurting.

"Sorry," Hisoka said and really did mean it, he hadn't intended his reprimand to go so far to this extent. He chanced a touch, skimming his thumb over Tsuzuki's nose, checking to make sure that his partner wasn't feeling any traces of tenderness or ache, before switching to scrutinize every feature of Tsuzuki's face with his eyes, because he was sure that if he asked Tsuzuki would lie to him and…


Startled green eyes blinked up. "Huh?"

"You're staring."
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