puddi23 (puddi23) wrote in tsusoka,

a short dark!tsuzuki/hisoka drabble

 Title : "Just so she wouldn't have you"

disclaimer: drabble mine; yami no matsuei unfortunately not....:( 

The cold, sharp blade of the knife smoothly pierced the soft breast and reached the hart. Tsubaki's eyes were wide with terror as she looked into the face of the man who stabbed her. She wanted to say something but only coughed out more blood. As Tsuzuki removed the blade she slowly sunk down onto the floor and the world went black. A soft gasp was heard from the doorway. "What have you done!" - Hisoka whispered not taking his eyes off the lifeless form lying on the floor. "I couldn't let her have you" -Tsuzuki said softly. Hisoka risked a glance at his partner and a violent shudder cursed down his spine. Tsuzuki was smiling, but his eyes- oh God!, his amethyst eyes were empty. Somehow Hisoka new that was all his fault....  
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