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Fic: Of Pie and Inevitability

Author: sakascal 
Title: Of Pie and Inevitability
Genre: Humor/Romance (I guess)
Characters: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Comments: Rated T. Some more or less minor swearing. Set some time before Kyoto (in my mind Kyoto happened when the Tsuzuki and Hisoka have been partners for about a year and half to two years, something like that), no spoilers that I can think of. This happens to be my first post here and my first yami fanfic, so hi everyone and please be gentle. ;)
Status: Complete. One-shot.
Summary: Hisoka is thinking about his recent behavior and what it certainly does NOT mean.

Extract: Hisoka was annoyed. He sat across from Tsuzuki at a table in the Clover Garden Open Restaurant in Nagasaki, slowly drinking his coffee while he was watching his partner wolf down multiple pieces of apple pie. They came here every now and then ever since their first case together over a year ago. Tsuzuki loved the apple pie here. Hisoka just wasn’t sure why that meant he had to accompany him on his lunch break here at least once a month. He didn’t understand how Tsuzuki always managed to convince him and - what was worse - neither did Hisoka understand why he didn’t even mind anymore.

Link: Of Pie and Inevitability
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