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I am, I am the Queen.♔

fanfiction: dans l'obscurité

Title: dans l'obscurité
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Comments: Rated M just to be safe.
Status: Chapter 1 of 3.
Comments: Tsuzuki and Hisoka are assigned a case months after Kyoto happened. Between the nightmares and the conflicting feelings, Hisoka is determined to keep things professional between them. He will soon learn that love isn’t something that can be so easily squashed.
( Secretly, Hisoka found a lot of enjoyment watching his partner. It wasn’t hard to understand; after all he wasn’t the only one who’d ever looked Tsuzuki over with hungry eyes.
Not that Tsuzuki ever noticed when someone was checking him out, he was always too busy talking or eating to pay attention.
Though, who could blame them? What person wouldn’t fantasize now and again about the tall, dark, and ridiculously handsome type? Especially when he came with a killer grin, heart-melting eyes, and a rather nicely built frame?
Hisoka could admit to himself that he was attracted to his partner, but he also appreciated Tsuzuki’s presence in his life too much to indulge himself enough to take a hungry bite out of him.
But imagining doing it didn’t hurt a thing.

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