I am, I am the Queen.♔ (youlooksofine) wrote in tsusoka,
I am, I am the Queen.♔

Fic-Non Riescono A Ricordare

Title: Non Riescono A Ricordare
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Comments: Rated T
Status: Incomplete. Chapter 1.

It had started out with just an increased number of nightmares. Hisoka said he could handle it- that he was fine- and Tsuzuki believed him because he was still foolishly thinking about their mutual love confession the day before. He was confident that they could beat this- that their relationship could withstand all odds and Hisoka shared his optimism.

Little did they know how wrong they were...

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6834508/1/Non_Riescono_A_Ricordare
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